Xtra Press - Manure separator system

The Xtra Press allows you to make bedding from manure

Cow manure contains a substantial amount of undigested fiber. This fiber is washed and extracted to produce a soft, fluffy and odorless bedding.

Recycled fiber bedding is cost effective. Daily production of bedding eliminates the need to stockpile bedding, and also means less total manure volume to store and spread compared to purchased bedding.

The Xtra Press advantages

Key advantages of the unique vibrating screen (patent-pending) include:

  • Increased capacity (+50%), runs less hours per day.
  • Increased product dryness (+5%) for optimum bedding quality.

Air-operated exit doors provide constant pressure to ensure uniform bedding quality.

Fully automatic operation controlled by easy-to-use touch-screen.

Cylindre de séparateur de fumier

Xtra Press Features

  • All stainless steel body
  • Reliable cyclomotor gearbox drive
  • Stainless steel high-precision 4-piece screen
  • Easy and economical to service

The separation cycle

  • Manure, soiled bedding and wastewater are collected and homogenized.
  • The extracted liquid includes the fine solids, which are not desired for bedding; these components are sent to the manure storage.
  • The fibrous solids are conditioned and then distributed into the stalls one or more times per day.

Offer them comfort!

The ability to produce unlimited quantities of high-quality bedding ensures maximum comfort for the cows. Increased resting time promotes increased production!

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