The Main Component of our Separator System


Available for Additional Dewatering and for Solids that are Difficult to Separate

In 2011, Valmetal Tulare introduced the vibrator kit to our customers. The vibrator system further sets our separator screen apart from our competitors. The separation is enhanced by the vibration by keeping the material moving and breaking the separated solids into smaller particles. This keeps the screen cleaner and allows processing of more viscous and difficult materials to separate. A clean, unobstructed screen is key for maximum separator screen performance.


A Low Maintenance Option for Keeping a Separator Screen Operating at Peak Performance

At Valmetal Tulare we understand that our customers have more important concerns than performing maintenance on a waste processing system. This is why we developed a fully automatic high pressure washer system to take care of your screen. A separator screen needs to be routinely washed to ensure the sun won't dry the manure and plug the screen, impeding separation performance. We offer a manual high pressure washer that cleans our screens brilliantly. However, our automatic washer system cleans our separator screens fully automatically after each separation cycle. With our separator screen auto washer  system, our customers can rest at ease that their separator screen will be functioning at 100% of its potential day after day.

US Farm Systems Auto Washer System