The Problem

The Challenges our Customers Face

A waste management system is a critical component of many facilities. A traditional waste management system for facilities consists of a method of waste collection, storage of the waste, and eventual disposal. In the case of dairies or other confined animal facilities, waste is collected with a flush system, scrape, or vacuum truck. Waste is then stored in large lagoons or tanks. The liquid-solid mixture is stored until it can be disposed of as organic fertilizer by land application (irrigation, manure spreader, etc.). This conventional system has worked for decades as herds were small and land was plentiful.

However, today's modern confined animal facilities have more animals and less land than they had in the past. Flush waste collection systems are extremely water intensive, and fresh water sources are increasingly scarce. Storage is expensive, lagoons and tanks must be larger and lagoons must be lined to prevent leaching into the water table. New research has shown that land can only assimilate a certain nutrient load from animal waste and governing restrictions have followed. It has become necessary to modify the traditional waste management system to accommodate changing system requirements. Valmetal Tulare waste water equipment is specialized for this purpose.

The Solution

Designed from Real World Experience, our System Works

We at Valmetal Tulare have been pioneers in the dairy waste water and manure handling equipment. Over the years through trial and error, Our engineers envisioned and designed a complete system exceeding the most demanding waste handling needs. By adding a US Farm Systems separation system into the conventional waste management system process, water usage can be reduced by as much as 66% with 25%-35% removal of nutrients Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Magnesium, Sulfur, and Calcium.

Valmetal Tulare has patented (#6,531,057) a flushing system that uses new water produced in day to day operations combined with recycled water. This is done by draining wash down water from milking barns (in the case of dairies) or other fresh water sources into a ''Processing Pit''. The water in this pit is recycled for flushing the remainder of the facility. As needed the water and solids in the Processing Pit is pumped over a separator and drained to the lagoon or other storage medium. The result is flush water that is no more than three days old with minimum solids content. The liquid waste portion after separation can be used for irrigation without the fear of clogging pivots or applying excess nutrients.

Use our separator system to create a sustainable waste management system with minimal new water addition. You will see cleaner, fresher lanes with less odor and better animal health.

For flushing free stall dairies, manure can be composted and used as bedding material. Our system is ideally suited for this application because it recycles water and the separated solids can be utilized as bedding before breaking down to fertilizer. Separated solids can also be sold as fertilizer or used as a soil stabilizer. What was once a liability can become a source of cash flow with a Valmetal Tulare Separator System.

Our system is not a based on a template. Our equipment has been adapted to suit a variety of waste processing applications for dairies, hog rearing facilities, fish hatcheries, food waste processing, and many more. Please do not hesitate to contact us to see if we can be of service to you!